Help Find My Grandpa’s Father

Help me hire a private investigator to locate my Grandpa’s father who dissapeared in 1932 from Oshawa, Ontario and any potential siblings he may have.

Robert Tumey, my 89-year old (and kicking!) grandfather is amazing. He has always been such a stable and loving force in my life and he was actually the very first person I ever came out to as gay, and his repsonse? “That’s great, David. I love you.” and when I went on to star on MTV’s 1 Girl 5 Gays reality show, he never missed an episode and would call and say how proud he was of me.

My grandpa grew up near Toronto, Ontario and when he was 2 years old his father, Jack Tumey, went to “the store” one morning, and never came back. Days later Jack told a friend that he was leaving his family and asked him to tell my Grandpa’s mother so they wouldn’t call the police or look for him. My Grandpa never heard from his father again. This was during the Depression, so he remains lovingly optimistic about why his father left, “There was no work, he had no choice!”. Heartbreaking, right?

Over the years my family has searched for information about what happened to Jack Tumey, but because my Grandpa never had his birth certificate, and Jack possibly changed his name – we were never able to find him. We tried everything –, Facebook posts, and good ol’ Google. Nothing.

The reason my grandpa has always wanted to find what happened to Jack is because he wants to know if he possibly has half-brothers and sisters, if Jack ever remarried and had kids.

I have found a private investigator who says he is certain he could find what hapened to Jack, but the fee is $2600.00 (Canadian). I am begging you – my friends, family, or a stranger to help me raise the money to hire the private investigator to help find Jack Tumey and any of my grandpa’s potential siblings before the end of his life.

I will happily send a postcard to every person who donates thanking them and giving an update on what we find.

Being able to do this for my grandpa, who has done so much for me, would mean the world to me, and even just while writing this tears are welling in my eyes.

Please help – or if you know of anything/anyone who may help in our search, please message me.

Jack Tumey dissapeared in 1932 from Oshawa, Ontario – he was rumoured to have possibly gone to Timmons, Ontario or Sudbury, Ontario but may have gone to the United States. He was a gambler, and may have had gambling debts.



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  1. Try alternate spellings. Also his wife’s name, all there children’s names. Any detail helps

  2. Ian Martin Ian Martin says:

    Hi, pm me pls. I know someone

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