Mr. B’s Famous Warehouse sale would be better if it was in a larger warehouse

The current warehouse really is too small for all of the merchandise he has. When you travel from a long distance to shop there it is pretty disappointing when you have to wait in a long line just to get in.

There really needs to be two lines as well because I was told if you aren’t waiting for a cart you can actually go straight in (I found this out after waiting over an hour in inclement weather. person checking you in said if you don’t need a cart you don’t have to wait in line, because most of the people are in line waiting for carts to come from the checkout as people pay and leave).

There are so many people you can’t always get to your size without yet another wait. And the stock gets picked over very quickly. They do replenish the stock, but not always quick enough. They say shop every day but when you live pretty far away that is not feasible.

A bigger store with all of the shoes out would be much better instead of having to wait for them to constantly try and restock. More parking, more cashes, more carts, more display tables, better air conditioning for the summer as there is currently none.

I get it, it’s a warehouse, but I think the sales are so popular they have really outgrown the location.



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