My Search to Find the Best Toronto Coffee Lead Me to Strange Love…

Strange Love Toronto

My search to find the best Toronto coffee lead me to Strange Love.  I can safely say the owners and baristas are full on lovers of all things coffee and their enthusiasm is infectious.  Unlike some 3rd wave places where they frown on you for not knowing, this place is about sharing their love with you.  If you were to come here, a lot of it is good but do try the Lovers Latte.  Its a Tonka bean flavoured (think caramel with a hint of nuttiness) latte and so well done!

The cafe is open, filled with lots of great sunlight and have a few nice places where you can enjoy your coffee.  The front room is mostly standing room with a few counter spots and the barista.  They have some amazing looking pastries there and its very tempting to grab the strawberry croissant.  Their menu is fairly simple and the barista is more than happy to explain what the choices are.  This is what separates good coffee places from amazing ones… complete passion for crafting the perfect cup AND ability to be friendly about their passion.

So after being helped and loving the idea of tonka bean flavoured Lovers Latte, I sat in the back room and enjoyed what was possibly one of my favourite espresso based drinks in a long time.  The espresso was rich but not overpowering or bitter.  It was smooth and balanced so wonderfully with the sweet caramel and also nutty notes of the tonka bean.  The artistry of the latte also makes it a nice touch and enjoyable cup.  The best thing was that I was interested in buying beans for them and one of the owners spent 15 minutes just figuring out what my home set up was and my flavour preference.  I ended up buying a different bean than I first thought and LOVED it when I got back.  Another little perk is that you get a free cup when you buy a bag!

Overall, between the super friendly and hyper knowledgeable barista and owners and the amazing coffee, this puts it up there as one of the top spots for coffee in Toronto!



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