Sorry, living in the North is way better!

I was born and raised in Etobicoke, moved to Mississauga and then ended my high school years on Manitoulin Island.

I now live in Sudbury and dread every minute of travel when going back ‘home’ to visit family. From a 800sq ft apartment, to a cookie cutter home in the city, now I live on over 60 acres and enjoy views that the city folk rarely get to see. (Without a skyscraper in the background)

I raise my own meat and veggies, hunt in the backyard and rarely see my neighbours. And guess what?! I paid less then $130,000 for it all!

Kudos to those who enjoy a stressful morning drive on the 401, or fighting for parking in order to do groceries. This morning sunrise over the neighbouring church is just one of the spectular sights I see daily-the only stress here is listening to my Rooster wake me up at sunrise!

Welcome to Shoutout Toronto from a Sudbury perspective!



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  1. That looks like st pothier road

  2. Randee Blais Randee Blais says:

    Hello poster…do you sell your home grown meat? Lol

  3. Sudbury, born & bred & proud to call this city home. Not everything is perfect here, but looking around, good for me. I’m not a fan of endless concrete & asphalt, 50 story high rises, 2 hr stressful commutes to work, strip malls & anonymity .

  4. I grew up in Toronto…lived in New York for 2 years….lived in Ottawa…and moved here in 94…..for me it’s the greenery….lakes …and lack of concrete..

  5. Sue Topps Sue Topps says:

    I don’t think I could ever do the commutes required to live in a city like Toronto…I even find Sudbury too busy for my liking. I’m from a small town up North with a population of roughly 10,000 and that or smaller is good for me. I love your view on the lake, now that’s a place where I would love to live.
    But then, to each his or her own right. That’s what makes the world so interesting.

  6. I used to live down south too fuck that rat race sudbury forever!!!lol

  7. I love Sudbury too. I Have lived all over B.C. and it is beautiful, but there is no place like home!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  8. You guys are nuts. I fucking hate Sudbury. What keeps me here you may ask. My elderly father with Alzheimer’s who’s only reality is Sudbury and my boys. If it wasn’t for those three people I’d be long gone. Sianora baby

  9. Kari Fisher Kari Fisher says:

    I hear ya. This is my view every morning. I love Sudbury!

  10. Ginger May Ginger May says:

    I live here in Sudbury too and it simply is the best!!!!!

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